CNC Metal processing

Metal Processing Plant – Croatia

Metal processing is in the roots of our business but except machining (cnc milling, cnc turning) in this plant we also have electrical installations and electronic systems assembly capability. Efficiency, traceability, and advanced quality management are enabled by the means of an advanced custom developed ERP information system.

Whether you need to source just parts, sub-assemblies, or a whole product per your specifications, you can rely on us with confidence.


ClusterTech International Ltd. is a manufacturing company established in 2002. In addition to this plant, in the affiliated company ClusterTech International Inc. in Bosnia we have wood processing line and one more facility with metal processing and assembly capacities. From the beginning company dealt with mechanical parts manufacturing for EU market but simultaneously started with own product development which over time grew to globally known roulette wheels brand King Roulettes. ClusterTech is a real manufacturing company with spotless business background that cares of its trustworthiness in the first place. For the seventh consecutive year ClusterTech International Ltd. was awarded with the AAA creditworthiness rating.

CTI Contract Manufacturing CRO
CTI Contract Manufacturing CRO
CTI Contract Manufacturing CRO