Our metal machining activities at the Croatian Sv. Helena facility include CNC metal machining and standard metal machining. In addition, we have competencies in the field of electrical engineering, which allow us to produce and install wiring, driving, sensing and controlling equipment, i.e. to produce complete electromechanical subassemblies. The technologies we use are supported by our internal engineer resources and we use advanced technologies such as CAD/CAM tools.

Please contact us if you are seeking a reliable and competitive partner for repetitive manufacture of your products.

Technical capabilities of metal machining

One of the things that makes our plant special is our CNC machining center. This CNC metal machining device is equipped with a console crane, a tailstock, a C-axis and driven tools and is capable of machining down to a diameter of as little as Ø 1.118 mm. On the other hand, we also offer CNC machining for small items using our small machine. We also provide CNC milling, rotary grinding and other ancillary technical services such as cutting and grinding.

The materials we machine

Our most extensive experience is in the field of aluminum, brass, steel and plastic machining. We are also capable of machining other materials, such as stainless steel, copper and gray iron.

Process management

We have automated our machining processes by using an advanced information system, which allows us to achieve full traceability, cost management and HR savings. This method of operation implies somewhat higher preparation costs for detailed documenting of our production processes and standards, however, repetition provides savings and increases efficiency, which also applies to CNC machining vs. standard metal machining.

Repetitive manufacturing of small to medium-sized items by using standard and CNC metal machining technologies gives us a competitive edge. Our metal machining rates are between HRK 195 and HRK 220 per hour. We remain available to you if you need any further information – please contact us.

Some examples of past work: