CNC Turning – Croatia

From the very beginning, our key competencies included CNC turning orders. Two decades ago, we started with the production of machine parts for customers in the European Union. Although we are able to produce individual pieces as well, we are most competitive in the field of repetitive operations. If you are looking for a reliable and competitive partner for the production and post-production of your product, please send us an inquiry.

What is CNC turning?

The turning is carried out by conventional and by computer-operated CNC machines. Typical examples of CNC turned parts are axes and shafts, sprockets and pulleys, flanges etc.

CNC turning is most advantageous in case of shapes that are more complex and involve higher demands on the precision of these repetitive operations, whereas in case of simpler, individual orders, conventional machines are the more economical solution due to shorter preparation time and lower prices.


We are most experienced in turning aluminium, brass, steel and bronze, and have substantial experience turning plastic, as well. However, we can also carry out orders comprising the turning of stainless steel, copper and other materials.

Technical possibilities

Our capacities include the whole range from classical turning of workpieces of a length up to 3 meters, over light turning of small items to CNC turning of large positions with a maximum diameter of Ø 1,118 mm on a machine with powered tools, tailstock and bracket crane. For workpieces with more demanding geometry, we have our own support by engineers and CAD/CAM solutions.

The price of CNC turning orders is depending on the materials, geometry and precision, but even more so on the quantity and the repetitiveness. If you are interested in CNC turning services, particularly in the case of repetitive operations, then you are at the right place. Please send us an inquiry.