CNC Milling Croatia

From our very beginnings, CNC milling has been one of our key competencies. Two decades ago, we started manufacturing machine parts for our customers in the European Union. Although metal milling makes most part of our production, we also have a lot of experience with plastic processing. We can take individual projects, but we are most competitive in repetitive jobs. If you are looking for a reliable and competitive partner for the production or finishing of your product, send us your inquiry.

General on CNC milling

Milling is done on conventional and CNC – computer controlled machines. The advantages of CNC machining are evident in more complex shapes, i.e. repetitive jobs, while conventional machines, due to shorter preparation time and lower cost, are a more cost-efficient option for less complex, individual operations.

Materials processed by milling

In metal processing by milling, we have most extensive experience in milling of aluminium and steel. We also have significant experience in CNC milling of plastics, but we can also accept the tasks of Bakelite machining, milling of copper and other materials. Contact us to find out more about material processing!

Technical Capacities

In our plant in Sv. Helena (Croatia), we have available CNC milling with axis travels: X 1.016*Y 508*Z635 mm, while in our plant in Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to 3-axis CNC milling, we also have a 5-axis CNC milling machine (3+2 axes) with X1.067*Y610*Z610 mm axis travels. In addition, we also have our own engineering and CAD/CAM support available.

CTI – Your partner for CNC milling

If you are in need of milling services, particularly when it comes to repetitive jobs, we offer a reliable CNC milling service at a very competitive price. Feel free to contact us with a non-binding inquiry.